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Caron Butler added to Wizards’ All-Time Team in NBA 2K18

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When NBA 2K released the All-Time rosters for each team, there were a few notable omissions from the Wizards/Bullets team. In particular, the only player from the team’s peak in the mid-2000’s is Larry Hughes.

Thankfully, it looks like at least one more player from that era will now be on the squad, as first announced by Ronnie Singh on Twitter:

This brings up two big questions:

Does this mean Otto Porter is no longer on the Wizards’ All-Time roster?
This is more just a curiosity than anything else. As much as we love Porter, we’re not going to shed a tear if he’s cut, especially since you can still use him on the 2017-18 Wizards. Still, it would be cool if you could use both together.

Should Caron Butler be added to the starting lineup?
While you could make a case Butler should start at the 2, let’s assume the battle would probably be at the 3 between him and King.

If you wanted to reward consistency and overall team contributions, Butler has a good case. He made two All-Star Games during his time in Washington and helped the team make three playoff runs during his time there.

King only made one playoff appearance and one All-Star appearance. However, at his peak King put up raw numbers Butler couldn’t touch, averaging 28.4 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game.

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