FIFA 16 TOTY: The Team of the Year is just around the corner

The TOTY is always the FIFPro World XI, which is revealed at the FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony which takes place on Monday 11th January. And as usual we can expect the special rare player cards to appear in packs from Monday 11th.

The release of the player cards will be staggered with the defenders and goalkeeper being released into packs from evening time GMT on Monday. From Wednesday they will be replaced with the Midfielders, who will in turn be replaced by the Attackers from Friday.

As a finale to the event all 11 special players will be in packs together for 24 hours from Sunday.

If you are enticed to try to find some of these extremely rare and valuable players the Sunday will be you’re best chance to get your hands on one with all 11 players in packs at the same time.

If you plan on spending your coins to buy a TOTY player from the market Sunday will once again be the best day to pick up a bargain as all 11 of the players will be being packed and people will be looking to sell them on quickly in order to buy more packs before the TOTY event ends.

FIFA 16 news: The one to beat

For years EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has been the undisputed king of football game-they’re the FC Barcelona of football games.

FIFA 16 like all its predecessors is an excellent game-fun, exciting, methodical and life-like. Though it is a tad slower than FIFA 15, it gives you much more time to think rather than quickly pass off the ball and score goals. Attention to detail has always been a hallmark of FIFA games and the latest version is no different. Player attributes like strength give your defenders much more scope against tricky and fast players. For instance, Per Mertesacker can actually hold up against someone like Lionel Messi and even outpace him! Defenders, somehow were always less competent than attackers in FIFA but that has been remedied in FIFA 16. Unlike earlier versions, where you could quickly race off to the other end and score a goal, FIFA 16 lays more emphasis on possession. You can’t just sprint across defenders but have to wisely use the ball and control your pace. It certainly is a much more tactically enhanced game to play.

EA has always done well with the presentation and this game is no different. The accurate kits, looks of players, excellent animation make it a great game to play. The sound effects are immaculate-the players yelling, crowd roars, fan reactions to what’s happening on the pitch-give an extremely real feel to the whole FIFA experience.

FIFA 16 retains all the gaming modes of its predecessors and my favourite Ultimate Team mode gets better. The idea of creating your own team, handpicking players, earn rewards and win trophies remains as compelling as ever. A welcome addition to the game is the inclusion of women’s teams. However, you can only play as national teams in the women’s football and the contrast between men’s football and women’s football is substantial. Women’s football-just like in real life-is less physical than that of their male counterparts.

Sports games should make gamers work hard and actually make you think and act like you’re in the sport. FIFA 16 does that immaculately and it’s great to see Konami up their game as well. For the first time perhaps gamers have two excellent football games to choose from-the other being Konami’s PES 2016. However, just like in real life, Barcelona’s supremacy might be challenged for a season or two, it’s the team you aspire to beat and emulate.  Fut 16 xbox 360 coins

FIFA 16 predicts five West Brom vs Newcastle results

Newcastle United take on West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns on Monday night.Using five different formations and players, the Baggies vs Magpies game was played multiple times to see what results FIFA would throw up-with some interesting conclusions.

The fixture will be viewed as another must win game, especially after the sides damp performance against Aston Villa.

Coming two days after the Everton game will be a test for the players, especially for Georginio Wijnaldum, Aleksandar Mitrovic and Chancel Mbemba, who have never experienced the winter rush of the Premier League.

While the run may be tough on the legs, it can generate good momentum going into the new year-if the Magpies can chalk up a few wins.

They have come under fire for only putting in good performances against the better sides, and the game against the Baggies will be an interesting litmus test for that theory. Moussa Sissoko will want to show everyone why he should be playing in the Champions League, and if he times a run of good form right, he may be in line for that move to a ‘bigger’ club.

Click through the slides to see five results that FIFA 16 predicted from the West Brom vs Newcastle game.   Fut 16 one coins

Things That Still Need To Be Fixed Or Improved In FIFA 16

FIFA 16 was released a few months ago and the game has received great reviews, with some saying that it is one of the best sports titles ever. The game brings lots of changes and improvements that players will notice after leaving FIFA 15.

FIFA 16 is a little slower this time, almost like we see in most real games. The game focuses more on passing and keeping the ball, which makes it feel more realistic. Players noticed it during their first FIFA 16 match, some liked it and some didn’t, it really depends on how you play.

In FIFA 15, it was easier to run and leave defenders behind, but that has changed in FIFA 16. Players now rarely have the chance to leave defenders behind as they can easily catch up. This was something many noticed right away as stars in FIFA 15 would just run past defenders for an easy goal. The change benefits the players that like to defend and makes it more difficult for those who have stars on their team to score fast. This isn’t a big problem but it sometimes seems unrealistic as some low rated players can easily catch up to the stars.

Ultimate Team also has a problem with the disconnections. Yes, this depends on how good your connection is too, but many have reported that they have been randomly logged out of the servers. Being logged out isn’t the biggest problem here, the bad part about this is when you come back to the game mode and you’re told that you have not finished a match and that this affects the number of coins you receive. It is not very fun to come back after being logged out and seeing a loss and less coins for the next match you play.

FIFA 16 is a great game and these are just some of the little problems that need to be fixed or improved. What else do you want to see fixed? What do you like/dislike about the game?   Cheap Fut 16 coins

Update No. 5 For FIFA 16 on PS4 and PC now available

Unlike “NBA Live 16” the other sport simulation game from EA “FIFA 16” is actually doing comparatively well. Now, a new “FIFA 16” Update No. 5 is now live on PS4 and PC and the update for Xbox will arrive very soon, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

According to the online publication, this current update is aimed at addressing the feedback from the community. Based on the said feedback, the developers at EA, have prioritized on improving penalties and referee decisions, passing, defensive pressure, and player positioning in developing this update.

The blog post from EA has also stated that changes have been made to “attribute boosts provided by Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team, which affects passing, interceptions, and long shots.” But those changes were rather minor.

Meanwhile in another news, “FIFA 16” arrives at number 3 spot in Christmas UK games charts. According to GameSpot, the video game title on the number one spot is “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” followed by “Star Wars: Battlefront” at number 2. It was said that if by any chance, “FIFA 16” would climb up to number one in one week, it would be the ninth time EA’s flagship soccer sim has taken the Christmas charts.

Unlike “NBA Live 16” FIFA 16 has a better future, so EA should keep those updates and improvements coming.   Buy fifa 16 coins

FIFA 16 Remains on Top of UK Charts, Overtakes Call of Duty

Electronic Arts’ popular football game, FIFA 16 made its great comeback on top of the UK charts, where the Black Friday deals has pretty much something to do. Until today, the game surprisingly retains its top spot on the list.

FIFA 16 remains number one in the list of UK’s game sales, maintaining its number one position for the week ending in December 5, as Gamespot reported. Following FIFA 16 are Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront on second and third slots, respectively. Debuting on the chart are Just Cause 3 at number four and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege at number six.

This year, the gaming community once again witnesses a clash of the gaming titans at the top spot as FIFA 16 and COD titles battle for the Christmas number one. It could be noted that the Top Three spots remain unchanged this past week. To note, it has already been the FIFA 16’s sixth time to rip off the top spot in the UK Gaming Charts despite the release of two big titles from the Call of Duty and Star Wars franchises. N3rdabl3 commented that the continuing Black Friday sales has helped boost FIFA 16 sales, and with the Holiday shopping season on the mark, chances are it will stay at the top until Christmas.

On another news, Realty Today reports that patch no. 2 releases for FIFA 16 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The patch offers general bug fixes and improved the game’s stability. The patch specifically treats the issues like players getting removed from friends lists in the Co-op Seasons, or players being forfeited in FIFA Online Seasons, and matches continuing despite five red cards. Furthermore, updates also include fixes on goalkeeper issues, squad issues, club naming issues, and ball issues. On the other hand, improvements to the FUT Transfer Market have also been included.

Still remaining strong at the top spot of the UK Charts, EA Sports’ FIFA 16 is still available on PS4, Android, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and PC. Patch No. 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 is also available.


FIFA 16 Patch No. 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 Now Available

While PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC have already received four patches from EA, “FIFA 16” on PS3 and Xbox 360 get it second, according to Design and Trend. Basing on a blog post from EA, the second patch brings general bug fixes and game stability improvements.

Meanwhile as written, on the EA blog, the patch brings fixes to reported issues such as players getting removed from the friends list on Co-op Seasons, players getting forfeited in FIFA Online Seasons without receiving a loss under some circumstances and matches being continued even after getting five red cards.

EA also notes that star heads have been added, many of which come from the recently promoted BPL teams in this season. Roma, Barcelona and Inter Milan also get their third kits with this update.

“FIFA 16” released in September 2015 by EA Canada is available on PlayStation 4, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, iOS, Xbox 360 and PC.   Buy fifa 16 coins

Aduriz and Higuain in FIFA 16 TOTW 12 predictions

The TOTW 12 predictions for FIFA 16 have arrived and once again we have a heads-up on the likely names to be included. Those in need of a striker are in luck as Aduriz and Gonzalo Higuain are both prime contenders for this week.

EA may decide to prologue Jamie Vardy having a party for another week after the limited sale of the record breaker Vardy card over the weekend.

As we wait for confirmation on that, feast your eyes on the TOTW 12 predictions from FUTHead which are more than likely to be correct.

Aside from Aduriz and Higuain, there are also in-form cards for Bolasie, Dani Alves and Dortmund midfielder Castro who should be moving up to an 82 rating.

Let us know what you think of these picks and don’t forget to check out the latest details on the FIFA 16 1.04 update which is now available.  Fut 16 ps coins

FIFA 16 USWNT is among the most popular teams worldwide

Cheap Fut 16 coins  There was some, let’s say consternation, earlier this year when Electronic Arts announced that FIFA 16 would include women’s national teams from England, Germany, the US, France, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico. It was also the first game in the history of the franchise to feature a woman on the cover, which had Alex Morgan of the US Women’s National Team sharing equal space with Messi. Despite the predictable grousing from certain quarters, according to a report by ThePostGame the addition of women to one of the most popular games in the world has actually worked out pretty well.

“If you take the US Women as a singular team and you look at the 600 teams you can play with on a global basis, not just in the US, the US Women, they’re actually the 23rd-most played team around the world in FIFA 16, which is a stunning statistic,” EA Sports COO Peter Moore revealed at BlazerCon. A “better stat” is that Morgan, the cover athlete, has already scored more than one million in-game goals, even though FIFA 16 has only been out for two months.

Some of that success may arise from the fact that the popularity of soccer has taken off in recent years. Moore said the FIFA player base has doubled from 2013 to 2015, and that more people in the US play Real Madrid-Barcelona than in Spain. And he claims some credit for it, too, adding, “We believe we’ve been instrumental, the invisible hand in driving this love of the game.”

It’s clear that the addition of women players to the series has paid off, and there’s no doubt that they’ll be back for FIFA 17. But there may be a few changes made between now and then: Midfielder Heather O’Reilly, who was also at BlazerCon, said she’s not happy with her overall player rating of 81. “I was disappointed in my speed, to be honest. I’m a lot faster than that.”

FIFA 16 will continue to get new content

Cheap Fut 16 coins  The regular Team of the Week drops represent one core way that the developers are using to make sure that fans remain engaged with the football sim in the long run.

The title has recently also received a third title update, which solved some issues with Team of the Week and improved overall performance for the game.

EA Sports has said that it is satisfied with the core mechanics of FIFA 16 and has no plans to tweak them in any major way in the coming months.

Presumably another major patch will be offered at some point in December, and once the January transfer window is done, players will also get access to tweaks to the ratings, based on performance curing the first half of the season, and to updated rosters for all teams.

EA Sports is also planning to hold more special events that will keep the FIFA 16 faithful engaged with the core modes, especially the very popular Ultimate Team.